fake spring break

March 31, 2010 at 1:32 pm Leave a comment

On Sunday, Kristin and I returned from an epic road trip we deemed our “fake spring break”.

Travel-wise, it went like this:

  • Saturday morning drive to Atlanta GA.
  • Monday morning drive to Naples FL.
  • Wednesday drive to Miami Beach, hang out all day.
  • Thursday morning, drive to Philadelphia! (got real loopy)
  • Arrival in Philly Friday morning, good times were had until Sunday.
  • Sunday morning-ish, headed back west to Michigan.

Total miles = 3384.6 including stops.

It was a grand adventure.  I do believe my soul was hankering for such a thing.  Can’t stay cooped up in Southfield for too long without goin’ a little nutty.

I tried my best to update my twitter feed along the way.  You can check that out and relive the trip?

It was great to see some old faces, have good food and a hearty laugh.

I don’t know what we would have done without Sirius Satellite radio, listened to a lot of crazy country music on the highway country station.  On our way through Pennsylvania we heard the State game on Raw Dog sports,  which although stressful made the trip back fly by.

Kristin is a fantastic travel partner, she even invented car yoga.  I’m glad she has fun friends in Philadelphia.  Speaking of Philly, they had some kind of crazy teen uprising in the form of “flash mobs” right before we got there.  From what I remember flash mobs are supposed to be fun, like an impromptu thousand person pillow fight. This is something altogether different.  My theory is a combination of too much energy drink, Justin Bieber music and idle time made them go wacky.

So that’s that.  Back in Michigan.  Saw a good chunk of this great nation, now I gotta get back to finding a job.



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