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Recently I was listening to an episode of the Alan Watts podcast titled “The Sense of Nonsense”.  In it he  goes on about some lofty philosophical ideas and the like but what I like best is when he talks about our love for little things that make life interesting.  I couldn’t find a transcript but nevertheless it inspired me to write a post on silliness.

I very much enjoy things like Muppets.  Or dressing up in a Winnie the Pooh costume far away from Halloween for a laugh.   My creative heros are for the most party pretty silly characters, like Jim Henson, Steve Martin, Michel Gondry or Monty Python to name just a few.  I can really get down with things that are “out there” or unconventional that can make people laugh or think about something in a different light or whatever.  In the end I think people respond better to fun things.  

I can safely attribute silliness to why I chose my line of work.  It really is a crapshoot as to what I might be doing next,  I might be faxing some documents one day or searching for pig parts and eating lunch at 4 in the morning the next.  I love the craziness.  It’s what keeps me away from a “normal” 9-5er.  It might be silly in its own right to pursue a career in entertainment, but I’d say its worth it, so far anyway. 

So here’s to the lighter side of life, laughing very hard, be bop a lu bop and all the rest.


the true meaning of life is no meaning that its purpose is no purpose and its sense is non-sense.  -Alan Watts


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