hurry up & wait

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Life right now in Paddytime:

  • Preparing for Napa Half Marathon
  • Slowing down after stressful job
  • Still have middle school style wardrobe

There is much to talk about.  Once again, its been quite some time since my last post.  My apologies to those who really pay attention. 

Many people in the film/television production industry talk about the “hurry up and wait” style of work that is involved.  Like in my case, as a PA, when things need to get done, you do it fast.  Then you wait for however long it takes for something else to come up, in the meantime you look for little things to take care of.  Right now I’d say this applies to my life in general. 

Like how I have to hurry up and find another gig, then can’t wait till its over so I can get back to my tea, crosswords and sleep.  Or how I’ve been hurrying up to fundraise and train for my first half marathon, then wait just 5 more anxious days till I’m there. 

I just wrapped on a game show shot in Detroit.  My friend aptly referred it to “Trash Course” for the amount of garbage the crew tossed around gorgeous Belle Isle.  I’d like to say I had fun although there were a few bad apples that made things a little stressful.  If I were to ever move to L.A. I’d hope there were few to little people like that.  At least I’m not blacklisted, saw some smiling faces, didn’t get run over and got the tannest I’ve ever been. 

So now I try to slow down my brain and get back to preparing for the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon.  I’m leaving on Friday morning and coming back the following Monday.  I’m excited but I think I’ll be more-so once I’m there, in my jersey and buzzed on fancy wine. 

My friend Katie posted a good article from about dream jobs and (film)life I thought this excerpt was especially good:

When seen from afar, like a rainbow, the dream is radiant and seductive; but when you are in it, there is just a lot of steam.  There are men moving scenery, huffing and puffing.  It is the factory of the dream.


last day with giant pins


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