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It’s been a hot minute and a lot (kinda) has happened since last I blogged. 

The biggest thing would probably be that I turned 25 on the 22nd.  Yikes.  My quarter-life-crisis is still hanging around, though I think its been around long before I actually had my birthday.  I’m OK and everything, but hitting 25 is the magic number that kinda kicks ya in the pants a little.  To celebrate I went west to Holland, MI.  Good times were had, got wacky, said hello to Big Rock Candy Mountain and sang a lot of 90s music. 



Oh yeah!  I also saw  This American Life Live on Thursday.  What a treat.  It’ll re-air on May 7th if you missed it, and I believe it’ll be on the radio, but I highly recommend seeing it for the extra visual greatness.  Do it!

Sooo, yesterday, withsome trepidation I went for a run with my good friend Eric Elliot aka E-dub at Paint Creek Trail in Rochester.  Eric has been running like a maniac for some time now.  Me on the other hand have been a runner for a while, but mostly off and on like.  His idea was to do 13 miles, since I’m training for one naturally.  I tell him I’ll run for my required hour of training for the day and see where I’m at after that.  So far, I’ve been up to about 5-6 miles.  About a half mile in is when the thunderstorm downpour started.  It felt simultaneously crazy and awesome to run in that weather.  Frogs and worms came out to play.  The thing about Eric is he’s a crazy motivator.  I was definitely not on the same level as him and my body was not ready for that amount of action, but he kept insisting and pushing me to the finish.  Around mile 9 I had to take it down a notch andwalk for a while.  Eric wasn’t having any walking, but I had to.  I was glad because I hung out with 8 deer.  After some recouping, I jogged out the last few .miles.   So after all the crazy weather, nature and jello-legs, I made it 13 miles.  Farthest I’ve ever traveled on foot in one stretch.  I’m glad Eric pushed me.  It was about time something like that happened.  So, for that E-dub is this week’s Person of the Week!

Last note.  Went to Jumbo’s, my favorite karaoke on Saturday nights to finish off my birthday celebrations.  I gotta say, its just not the same since Nick the karaoke guy got replaced.  If anybody wants to go down I might have 1 or 2 more visits in me until I find another cool dive bar w/singing.

take it easy cheesy.


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