April Madness

April 6, 2009 at 3:52 am Leave a comment

Are heightened emotions a side effect of a hangover?

This morning I woke up pretty happy about State’s win over UConn.  When I read the paper I even got teary eyed reading Mitch Albom’s article about Mike Illitch giving prime ad space at Comerica away to the big 3.  I don’t really even like his articles really, they’re usually a little cheesy.  He just explained how we do in the D the way people need to hear it. 

Here’s another one too, he pretty much already said what I wanted to in this post about how the national media is portraying the city and Michigan altogether this weekend.  I definitely agree with him that on Tuesday things are just gonna go back to the way it always is.  I think that’s what makes these huge events even more cherished and fun.  I just love it when there are throngs of people enjoying downtown like last night or at a festival etc..We just have to find a way to get that kind of action without having to bring a huge sporting event or plan anything. 

In all the excitement I pretty much lost my voice.  We watched the game at the Old Shillelagh.  Afterward, we walked over to Cheli’s Chilli, the “MSU party headquarters” or whatever and did some dancing.  Good times.  Then singing at Jumbos to top everything off.  Perfect night?  I’d say its up there as one of the most fun times I’ve had in Detroit. 

Gotta love it.  GO STATE!

bout to win



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