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February 5, 2009 at 6:10 am Leave a comment

There has been much talk in the last few days about “Hollywood coming to Michigan”.  Its all very nice, and good to hear, but I don’t think I can get excited for anything until I see things operating.  Friends and family like to remind me of the possible job implications.  This is where life could get confusing.  I love working on films and anything the broad scope of “media”, but I don’t wanna be held down in Michigan with one of these new companies.  Maybe I can get lucky with a long term position that would allow me to have Detroit as a base of operation. 

In a few weeks I’m gonna see Flogging Molly at the State Theater, and the day after go up north for some snowboarding.  In previous trips and/or concerts I always end up saying I wished I had been more physically prepared.  So this time ’round, I am taking necessary precautions, mostly running.  It really puts a damper on the fun when you can’t breathe or can’t walk the next day cause your legs are sore.  Its always worth it though in the end.  Today I might’ve gone too far and ran outside when it was 8 degrees.  Got a quick mile in, only my face got kinda cold. 

Good news!  Deirdre found my trusty PA clipboard in her computer case from when I worked on All’s Faire in Love.  What a relief.  I thought I lost it somewhere and didn’t get to use it on other jobs, which made me feel naked. 

Did anybody listen to anything on NPR’s First Listen?  Animal Collective’s album was aiight.  I liked the track “Summer Clothes” the best. 

Also, check out my friend Evan’s site.  I guess it was just put up, I only watched one or two videos so far but had a good laugh. 




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First Listen resolution/100th

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