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Things have slowed down a bit here at Paddytime since the new year but I have been out and about.  Its just taken a little while for me to sit down and write about it. 

Field trips.  Gotta love ’em.  The first one I went on was to the Fisher Mansion in Detroit.  This video explains it pretty well.  I’d say it was pretty interesting to say the least.  What once used to be the ultimate bachelor hangout for Detroit’s elite is now the Bhakivedanta Cultural Center.  Our tour started out with a 8bit style video history of Hare Krishna and animatronic show, of sorts.  From there we went on to see the house and get a nice historical overview from our host.  Mr.Fisher definitely spared no expense on this place, some of it nice, some a little over the top.  My only complaint was that it smelled faintly of a funeral home.  (They do serve free food a few times a week, all vegetarian, not always Indian, but might be a fun stop for Food in the Hood.)

Our reason for going to the mansion was that the D.I.A. wasn’t open that day.  So we ventured back downtown to see the Monet to Dali exhibit.  What a treat.  Thanks to the Cleveland Museum of Art for lending these pieces to the D.  I forget if I’ve been to that museum, they sure do have a nice collection of modern art though.  I particularly enjoyed the sculptures by Rodin. 

Taking a break from the culture scene, Kristin and I had lunch in Ann Arbor at Cafe Felix, if you ever go there, try getting the 3 cheese croissant sandwich with the tomato basil soup, so good. 
Then, Deirdre had a birthday celebration at Bonadventure roller rink!We had all sorts of fun.  It was “teen” night, so of course we felt a little old to be there, but we rocked it.  The DJ didn’t play my requested La Bouche and my body still kind of hurts,  I’d say it was worth it. 

There’s a snowboarding trip planned for next weekend, hopefully my body recovers in time for another beating.  I can’t wait really.  It’s been forever since I hit the slopes.  Wanna go? 



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