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I started shopping for presents the other day.  So far its all been online, and considering I don’t particularly enjoy malls, or driving in bad weather, it might all be online this year.  I hope I don’t screw the local economy too much.  There are a few places in Ferndale I wanna check out in person, we’ll see. 

In five days I’m going back to Philadelphia.  I’m pretty psyched.  I could’ve bought a itouch or something fancy, and I was just there, but I couldn’t help myself.  Apparently the weather is a tad warmer and theres some sweet stuff goin on right when I get there, like a Bon Iver concert and some holiday stuff. 


Recently, this computer has been all jacked up.  It wasn’t able to stream video and didn’t have room to download anything.  With some help, we got the situation remedied, a bit.  There’s enough room to upload a CD, so I loaded up my ipod with some old music I had buried around (including a handful of TV theme songs), plus some fun new podcasts.  Theres a whole bunch of interesting “higher education” ones out there.  You can listen to lectures from Yale and Oxford and all.  It fills my need for more school for now. 

In Paddytime news, I found a new Facebook App called Blog Networks.    You can follow my posts from there if  you like, and find other fun blogs that your friends read or write.  Tell your friends to add!



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