Person of the Week: Erick Donaldson

December 8, 2008 at 8:44 pm Leave a comment

Last week I worked on a film in Livonia. If it weren’t for Mr.Erick Donladson, I wouldn’t have been able to get on, at least not in the art department. He is the production designer on this one, and we’ve worked together on 2 previous films. This current movie has been quite the rollercoaster. There’s all sorts of drama. Erick had to do a lot of convincing to get me on and I appreciate that very much, a sign of a true friend. The powers that be did not want to pay me from day 1, insisting to hire interns for free. Erick made sure I got in and got paid, although very little-it was better than nothing. The money wasn’t everything though, it was just fun to work with my friends in the first place.

Last night Erick called me to let me know I had to be let go. Part of me was relieved, but I mostly thought it sucked. Relieved to not have to wake up so early, but pissed cause the art department is really small as it is, and we have a lot to take care of-especially this week. So I feel bad that these people are working their asses off with no time or energy. This movie is crazy.

So a big thank you E.Donaldson for helpin’ me out, showing me how a pro handles pressure and how to have fun on a shitty movie. This week’s person of the week!

haha, on the set of Man Who Collected Food with Dir.Matt Roth

haha, on the set of Man Who Collected Food with Dir.Matt Roth



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