Pink Spiders Concert Review

November 24, 2008 at 2:46 pm Leave a comment

So, if you’ve been keeping up, I went to see the Pink Spiders the other day.  I will never listen to them again. 

After waiting through a few so-so bands, a few rounds of bowling, and an ok band..the headliner came out.  My first impression was that they looked different.  They’re once readily recognizable and goofy drummer Bob Ferrari was replaced by some weirdo.  The bass player was also new, and also not as cool.  I guess the singer was the same.  Also, the crowd was very small.  That made me wonder, I thought they were a hit, a Warped Tour favorite on the rise and all. 

They started off on the wrong foot.  After not recieving Jager shots right away, the singer jumped off the stage and headed to the bar to get them himself.  Seriously?  Yes, but somewhat forgivable.  Once the music continued though, it wasn’t long before he showed how low he could go.  I’d say its the number one no-no for any type of performer to commit- talking shit about the city you’re performing for.  I’ve never seen it before until these guys had the balls to.  So, after some yelling, we left. 

What happened?  This band used to be fun and colorful, now they’re lame.  I’d probably be pissed too if my band was on the fast track to nowhere.   I found this artical that explains a lot. 

So, the lesson is this:  If you haven’t seen a band in a while, do some research to see if they’re still the band you remember.  And don’t listen to the new Pink Spiders cause they apparently hate Detroit.



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