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Ich bin arbeitslos.

I’m not that stressin about it though.  Tonight I’m going to see Girl Talk  (aka Gregg Gillis) in Pontiac.  This will be the 3rd time seeing him.  It’s definitely a fun show that you should try going to if the opportunity arises, especially if you like to dance. 

Aside from going to shows, I’m using my time off to discover new podcasts.  Its been a hot minute since I’ve even listened to any.  So I’ve been searching I-tunes for the goods.  I think I’m good for a few weeks.  If you enjoy the German language, strange things, or both, you need to check out the podcast, its amazing. 

The weather is getting increasingly gray and dreary, I have to fight against the darkness.  It might get tough considering all the time on my hands left to stare aimlessly and/or waste the day.  So I’m doing my best to keep my mind active with podcasts, books and music.  I’m also trying to keep up with a regular monster-up session, but I strained something in my arm the other day that might hinder any kind of schedule. 

Das ist alles. Tchuss!


more poll!


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Runnin, singin, eatin, bleedin the zoo

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