Runnin, singin, eatin, bleedin

November 7, 2008 at 10:21 pm Leave a comment


I had to go to my doctor again today for them to take more blood.  Needles never really made me nervous until maybe 5 years ago.  No reason, it just started happening.  Maybe I focus too much on it.  The reason for more blood was they said the first bit showed too much hemoglobin.  Not sure if that’s a bad thing.  I think it has something to do with oxygen and red blood cells.  I decided that since knew I’d be getting this done today that I’d go for a run, since it’s been a while and to get the ol’ heart pumpin and ready to go.  It felt real good.  Its such a good feeling to be able to run a lot farther than you originally anticipate.  Toward the end I went all out, inspired by a recent viewing of Rocky when he’s training and runs real fast, you know the scene.  I was secretly hoping people driving by would somehow know what I was thinking about, maybe be inspired too..

After all this, I found myself to be quite hungry so naturally I went grocery shopping.  At a new place.  Since I was starving, I bought a lot.  A lot of amazing treats, like vodka and dove ice cream bars.  Mmm.

Tomorrow, there’s a trip planned to go to Jumbo’sin Detroit to do some karaoke.  If you’ve never been, you must go.  And if you have, you need to go again tomorrow.  The guy that runs it plays guitar on some of the songs and he and a bar regular play some mean jazz to spice things up in-between all the Journey and Gloria Gaynor.  It shall be fun.




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