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7:13- Ok, just thought I’d say hi and welcome to anybody checking things out before the deal goes down in a few hours.  I’ve been listening to NPR to and from work and after all the talk about the financial stuff they finally started talking about the VP debate.  I’m hoping for some good stuff, but you never know what kind of shenannigans will come up during or after from either side.  It feels weird to be psyched about a VP debate, definitely the first time.  I’ll do my best to update often, it’ll most likely only happen when I feel confused and/or pissed about something.  Wish me luck.

9:03- Are you serious!? “Can I call you Joe?” Off to a weird start, this is not a house party.  I don’t like how she’s wearing all black.

9:07-  John McCain did not suspend his campaign.

9:09- I think the hair in her eyes is helping her be unclear.

9:10- I don’t think she or McCain have the right to talk for people that’ve been taken advantage of by greediness.  I hope Joe Biden has a six pack.

9:13- Didn’t the private sector just screw up the whole economy?

9:14- Uh oh, she looks like she’s getting a little nervous.

9:15- Bathroom break

9:18- McCain’s privitization of healthcare will end up just like everything else, bankrupt. Fuck that shit.  Thank you Biden for clearing things up.  Let’s see how she responds…

9:27- Bored.

9:29- Confused.  Why does she keep avoiding the current topic to go back to the last one?

9:30- Wait a minute..She’s the gov. of Alaska? She needs to repeat that more often.  Yes! Gwen, thanks for bringing up climate change.. Wait..shes totally talking in circles, I have no idea what she’s talking about.  Can’t she just admit its man made?! Jeez.

9:33- I hate that hoebag.  Who else?

9:40- I’m not sure if I can watch this whole thing.  It’s making me sleepy.

9:51- Did she just mention woman’s rights?!? Please elaborate.


9:59- Just a sidenote..I’m just a little upset that I’m missing NBC’s Thurs night comedies.

10:04- Ooh, Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on!

10:06- I’m going to bed and watching ASiP.  I promise it’s way funnier than this debate.  I’ll listen to NPR to hear what I missed.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my first live blog!




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