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So, I’ve been working on a new film for the past few weeks which has limited my time to write Paddytime posts.  I have written a few in PA the PA you could check out to see how that’s going. 

This weekend I had an extra day off which I used for reuniting with good friends in MTP.  Much fun was had.  There was a football game I was unaware of until I got there, so that was a big plus-we won by 2 points against Buffalo.  A bunch of wild times then ensued, ate good food and listened to great life mixes. 

Last night, another event I kept forgetting about went down.  Al reminded me through a text in the morning that the Weezer concert was that night.  I was pumped.  We got there in time to see the openers, Tokyo Police Club and Angels & Airwaves.  Tokyo Police Club was good, Angels & Airwaves was not.  They were actually very bad, and I feel a little sorry for Tom the lead singer/former singer in Blink 182, cause he used to be cool.  Of course Weezer was amazing, it was my first time seeing them.  They played a great mix of old and new songs.  A few strange things about the show were, right before Weezer came out, a random dirty fellow from Ohio peed on the floor/a guys leg, then threw up a few minutes later.  Needless to say, it was not cool and we were upset at him, I later saw him a few feet from me during the show but paid no attention.  Also, there was a little too much moshing for that type of music.  It was surprising.  All fun nonetheless.  One highlight was when Mitch was on stage with the band along with about 20 other fans who won some radio contest and played a few songs.  Definitely cool. 

Right.  Today starts a new week of working, I have some downtime so I thought I’d update.  It shall be a long week I feel.  Its also getting colder! 

Keep an eye out for person of the week soon (i hope).




my hero

my hero


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