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I was contemplating whether or not The Paddytime Press should be a place for political discussion.  After some thought, I decided I may as well share with my loyal readers some of what I’ve found as informative and important findings concerning this crucial presidential election. 

Disclaimer:  I’m gonna come right out and say I am whole heartily in support of Barack Obama and this entry is in no way bipartisan.

One thing I must get off my chest first is all this talk from the Right about “liberal media”, “media bias” and “Hollywood types” supposedly pushing the wrong message to the public.  Although I do think its weird that Matt Damon has garnered such attention for his interview with the AP, I still agree with him.  My main beef with the hate on media is that I consider myself part of the media community.  My reach or influence may not be that significant, but I know a little of how news and media work and I find it distressing when honest and objective reporting from trusted sources is so easily shot down as liberal hogwash because some ill-informed people refuse to see some truth.  I do have to say though, that I can no longer take much of what is said on any cable news program seriously about almost anything.  The main concern for them is ratings and if McCain accuses Obama of calling Palin a pig, they’re gonna beat the story to death until the next ridiculous thing happens on the campaign trail.  To tell you the truth, The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart is probably the only program on television that actually shows some real guts to air what others won’t, and in a very entertaining fashion. 

I don’t even know where to start about Gov.Palin.  The New York Times has a few great articles you might find interesting though.  This and this.  SNL also had their fun last night, Tiny Fey nailed her impression.  I also found this article from The Nation through a friend, I would really like to see Palin answer these questions at the vice presidential debates without help from her crash course campaign handbook. 

In the end, I just want the American voter to be informed, educated and not swayed by crazy e-mail forwards full of smears among other things.  We’re close enough to election day that things are increasingly getting crazy, and both parties are getting a little wobbly with negative ads and questionable tactics.  It will probably get worse, we just have to not get too caught up in the BS and tear each other apart. 

I could probably go on and on about the whole election, but it might cause a dramatic spike in my blood pressure so I’ll end it here.  Please make an informed decision on election day.  Don’t be lame.  God bless America. 



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