Perfect Storm

July 7, 2008 at 11:37 pm Leave a comment

I wasn’t sure if I’d see it in my lifetime.  A show so bad I am beside myself with confusion.  How did this happen?  Has the reality show world gotten so repetitive it had to resort to this insanity? 

I’m talkin about VH1’s new show I Love Money, a perfect storm of past horrible shows cast members mushed together for a wild ride full of the drunken brawls, hook-ups, break-ups and everything else we’ve seen before on Flavor/Rock of Love & I love New York. 

It looks as though the show taken its cues from MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge set up where teams play games to win cash and prizes then kick off cast members.  Simple enough.  Except this cast is probably the most volatile bunch of crazies ever assembled on TV. 

OK, I’ll be honest, I have watched Flav’s adventures and some of New York’s attempts at finding a man and I’m not really embarrassed to say I enjoyed some of it.  When it comes to this new show, I just don’t think the world of bored and/or insomniac cable watchers should be even offered to watch something so trashy.  My fear being that it may actually become popular and more shows like it or even worse ones will come along and dirty up the dial.  (you like that?)

So, to VH1 and Viacom, I plead that this programming horror show come to an end before more people suffer at the hands of crazy people with funny nicknames. 

At least the host isn’t Jerry Springer or security guard Steve. 





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