June 15, 2008 at 1:36 am 1 comment

Does anybody remember these shows? Did you watch them when you were little? I know I’m biased to what I grew up with, but kid’s shows in the 80s were amazing, way better than Dora and Zoey.  Here are my faves, or at least what I could find on youtube.  Most were from Canadian TV, the rest from Nickelodeon etc.

Zoobilee Zoo! -My introduction to the wonderful Ben Vereen and showing that dressing crazy can be fun.  I also found these outtakes..I wonder if all my cherished childhood show characters acted like this off camera?

Mr.Dressup!- Ernie Coombs aka Mr.Dressup was amazing, great artist and friend of puppets.  I used to imagine I could hang out in the tree house. 

Under The Umbrella Tree!- Who knows why Holly had a huge tree in her living room with talking animals in it.  Maybe we’ll never know, but it sure was a fun time.

Fred Penner’s Place– Looking back at this makes me think Fred is a little strange, playing music to puppets in the woods.

Eureka’s Castle– This show came kinda later.. reinforced my love for peanut butter.

David The Gnome– I have no idea whats up with this show or why I watched it.  Crazy.

Fraggle Rock-This along with the Muppet Show were the foundation for a lot of my sense of humor and I am forever grateful.

He Man– Wow, He Man is nuts!  The most powerful man in the world!


Whoa.  Flashback overload.  I could add some more, but I think this is enough.  I definitely liked watching TV as a kid, and watching these clips was a fun time warp…maybe if I have kids I’ll force them to watch these shows on DVD.  In conclusion, Canadians knew their children’s programming, and anything with puppets or muppets is usually good.




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  • 1. Al  |  June 20, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    You know saturday cartoon just aren’t the same. I don’t really even see cartoons. I feel sorry for my kids.


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