Crazy Nature

June 9, 2008 at 6:36 pm Leave a comment

I am here at the Southfield Public Library because the cable is out at my house, so my internet is gone too.  The most probably cause is all these thunderstorms we’ve had in the past few days, with more to come.  I took my chance to get outside before the rain to cash a check and drop some books off over here.  Not even 24hrs into not having internet access and I started feeling withdrawal symptoms, its horrible.  Can’t say I’ve missed out on anything particularly amazing, other than my fellow blogger’s new posts.  I noticed’s main buttons were all crazy looking, it could be the library’s computers…let me know if its like that on yours-it should just be the 4 buttons on the top. 

So, until next time, hopefully the cable comes back on soon.  Although it is nice to get out for a bike ride to the library, my allergies are buggin me full force, and I do enjoy the comfy A/C confines of home.  At least we still have that.  A lot of people around here are still without electricity!

Thought I had more to say, whoops.  So long,



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