They’re hip, they’re cool, they’re 45

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Cue “Having an Average Weekend”


Last night finally came after a few months of building up and anticipation, I was gonna see Kids in the Hall live.  In my younger days, when Comedy Central didn’t play Mad TV all the time, I along with my brothers would watch many hours of Kids in the Hall.  It was an education in the absurd and edgy world of comedy that helped nurture an appreciation for Canadians and cross-dressing. 

So you could imagine my excitement to see these five guys in person recreating some of my beloved characters like the Chicken Lady and Gavin.
All in all, it was a great show… despite having to look through other people’s heads to see some parts of the stage and the sweltering heat of the room.  You could tell the guys were having a good time on stage, making each other laugh and ad libbing, the crowd was feelin’ it. 
Back when I watched the show on standard cable, I missed out on some of the extra raunchy material and swearing.  So, it was fun to see the Kids in their true form, not pulling any stops with jokes about abortion or Kevin Mcdonald flashing his crotch to the audience. 

They started the show with this video of them discussing what they would do on the road, leading up to all the Kids running on the stage, with Kevin in his underwear.  They did a few favorite skits, a few songs, and some new stuff that went over well.  They ended the show with Mr. Tyzik aka The Headcrusher.  He came out with a camera pointed at us choosing victims at random, degrading them, then crushing their heads.  He then introduced each member of the group, making fun of their post-Kids endeavours before crushing their heads as well.  final bow

T’was a fun night to remember.  I thought they could’ve done a few more skits or one more song, but I guess they had to get ready for the 2nd show of the night.  It was awesome to see them in person and to see they still got the goods, new material and all. 

Finally, I’ll leave you with my favorite thing the Kids in the Hall ever did. Sausages.



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