a solitary day

May 15, 2008 at 2:48 am Leave a comment

Apart from the guy washing his car across the street, kids playing at the preschool and the pups, so far today, I am by myself.  I like it.  The only words I’ve spoken out loud were when I yelled at the NHL referee who messed up last night’s Red Wings game’s picture on the front page of the paper at breakfast. 

Today I don’t have any pressing issues to take care of, its a good feeling.  If you’ve been keeping track of my run log, you may have noticed I havn’t ran in a few weeks, so I gotta get back on top of that.  Since I worked last Saturday, I missed the Navy Seal Challenge that I was so much looking forward to…Maybe I’ll do my own version sooner or later. 

With all this quiet time, I’ve learned how to play spider solitaire and caught up on some new music.  Right now I’m listening to the new Weepies album “Hideaway“.  So far I definitely recommend it.  

In case you forgot, tonight is the best TV night of the week.  An emotional roller coaster of sorts.  You got NBC’s amazing comedy line-up, topped off by a sure to be crazy episode of LOST.  I can’t wait. 

Happy Thursday.


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