Detroit Sports Fever #2

May 2, 2008 at 11:31 am Leave a comment

For the 2nd time this week, the Wings, Pistons and Tigers were playing on the same night.  My sports loving circle of friends like to call this the trifeca, even though I think that has something to do with horse racing. 

Both nights, every team won their game, completing the beloved trifeca.  The Pistons taking down the 76ers after a feisty series, the Wings sweeping the Avalanche, and the Tigers sweeping the Yankees (first time at Yankee stadium since 1966).  This feels good, definitely worth missing this week’s episode of LOST.

You could say, “whatever, if the Avs and Yankees didn’t have a bunch of injured players, they could’ve won.”  True enough, and that sucks, but I really don’t care.  As for the Pistons, the only thing Philadelphia has to blame is Samuel Dalembert’s hairstyle

So now we wait till Saturday for the Pistons-Magic series, which should be a bit tougher and more stressful. The Wings wait to see if they’ll play Dallas or San Jose in the western conference finals.  Excited!

There is an inkling of compassion for Denver sports fans, both of their playoff teams, Avs and Nuggets, were swept this week.  That’s gotta hurt.  If it helps, my softball team is 0-2 for the season so far. 

         hat trick!
 good timesbooya





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