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Last night I went to bed late. 

You know what that means…Independent Lens was on PBS.  Pretty much anything on I.L. must be watched and absorbed.  This particular documentary, King Corn, at first didn’t seem very promising.  When I pressed the “info” button on the remote, it basically said it was about two guys who grow an acre of corn in Iowa.  Boring enough to make me fall asleep I thought. 

Wrong.  It blew my mind. 

King Corn ended up, in a surprisingly entertaining way, informing me about how America is basically hooked on corn and the consequences of the over abundance.  It kind of had a Morgan Spurlock feel to it, you know, from Super Size Me. 

As I watched it last night, I tried to remember some of the most startling facts and figures, although I don’t remember any specifics.  It did leave me with the feeling I should keep a closer eye on what I eat.  It was a very revealing look into what America’s farm system is like and I highly reccomend checking it out if you’re up watching PBS.

Here’s the trailer




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