Detroit Sports Fever!

April 20, 2008 at 6:51 pm Leave a comment

If you enjoy Detroit sports like myself, this time of year is amazing.  We have the Red Wings and Pistons in playoff mode and the Tigers doing their thing, however good or bad they may be playing.  Maybe best of all is that the Lions are not playing to keep this good feeling down..

Playoff season comes with a price though.  Both the Red Wings and Pistons haven’t won a championship in a few years, and each successive year they don’t succeed, the more anxious I get for them to win.  The Wings have already started their run, tonight they’re gonna try to finally beat the Nashville Predators and get to the 2nd round.  I think the NHL playoffs are the worst on my blood pressure. 

Then there’s the Pistons.  My beloved Pistons.  In case you didn’t know, after last years debacle of the Eastern Conference finals against Cleveland, my faith in the NBA took a major hit.  So, unlike previous seasons, I chose not to follow the regular season as closely as I usually do.  After Boston became so big and the Western Conference got so heated, I was pulled back in.  Plus, the Pistons added some players to the bench, so I had to scope them out.  So this post-season should be a doozy.  Tonight the ‘stons start their series against Philadelphia.  I’m not too worried about them, they’ll put up a fight though.  All I know is I’d rather lose to the Celtics than the Cavs.  So, I’ll dust off my Sheed jersey and cross my fingers for a long, exciting championship run. 

If you see me anytime in the next few months, don’t worry if I’m a bit off or in the clouds.  Playoffs do a number on my psyche.  The Tigers will keep my sanity in check though.  If they lose a game here and there, its ok with me.  Baseball is always a fun relaxing game to watch.  Don’t forget about the Shock, they’re comin up soon too 🙂





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