Kwame-Person of the Week

March 30, 2008 at 10:23 pm Leave a comment

Kwame Kwame Kwame.

Maybe he could’ve been person of last week, but I chose to let things settle down a little bit, give some time for the people to figure things out. 

Now, I’m no legal expert, so this is all just opinion from what I’ve been observing on TV and in the paper.  But from what I’m seeing, things aren’t looking too good for the mayor.  When prosecutor Kym Worthy came out swingin, I knew we were in for quite the battle.  I think she might’ve thrown a few extra counts of perjury in there for good measure.  Even with his high priced lawyers (the main one reminds me of a cartoon rabbit), I don’t think Kwame can beat the Worthy sass machine. 

I don’t live in Detroit, but I do enjoy it and support rebuilding and making it a great place.  I think Kwame was trying to make it better, but with all this trouble he’s in, I don’t think he’ll be able to continue his efforts.  Mitch Albom wrote a particularly thought provoking artical about how Kwame is handling the situation much like a sports icon would in a scandal, check it out.  I never thought of it that way.  Maybe the D needs to start with a clean slate to get back on track. Or maybe this whole thing will unite communities who might be frustrated with current leadership to get involved in making their surroundings more safe and livable.  Who knows.. Whatever happens, what’s going on is being watched by the country, so I hope its not dragged out for too long. 

So, because its on the minds and mouths of many people in the area, and its apparently a pretty big deal, mayor Kwame gets to be person of the week!

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