Michel Gondry

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The first time I experienced the genius of Michel Gondry was probably viewing one of the many music videos he’s directed, though I didn’t really know who he was until I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  I was smitten by the imaginative sequences of driving beds and late night parades.  From then on, I was set to go to any movie he directed.  His most recent film is Be Kind Rewind, which I saw about a week ago.  Although it was a bit hokey, I enjoyed it, you just have to love the way Gondry uses special effects. 

So, along with that movie coming out and being inspirational,  the reason I picked Mr.G for person of the week is because I purchased The Work of Director Michel Gondry, I also got the Spike Jonze one (they all are supposed to come together with booklets and all, but I got em seperate from a Hollywood Video that’s closing).  The Gondry disc is especially great..I’ve only gotten through most of the music videos and a few short films, which are a mix of absurd-like funny with “One Day” to the evocative tale of adolescent love in “The Letter”.  I also learned that he was in a band called Oui Oui, of which there are a handful of music videos he has directed featured as well. 

 So there. I’m inspired by the mind of the great Michel Gondry.  His ideas, and the way he uses miniatures and art and creating physical realizations of dreams, its all fun and amazing.  It’s what film and art is all about. 




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