the 22nd

February 22, 2008 at 11:10 pm Leave a comment

Today I am 8,706 days old, in two months I turn 24 years old.   Since turning 22, each birthday I feel hesitant to age.  This year might be different.  Now that I’m out of school, although I’m mostly stumbling through life, I’m learning a lot and it feels good.  Sometimes I get into too many things and want to learn all sorts of craziness at once.  I am happy that I’ve been able to focus on what I learn more, like keeping up with a healthy diet and exercise routine, I don’t think I could stick to my guns as much a few years ago.  What I need to do is figure out how to become 100% independent. I don’t think I’m living real life until then. 

Having the time on my hands to read more is nice though.  In the past few weeks I’ve finished The Godfather and  Slaughterhouse Five, which I’ve been meaning to read for so long, now I’m tackling The Mind and the Brain.  Its quite fascinating, right now I’m at the part discussing the different schools of thought (pun?) concerning materialism and illusionary mind/brain connection, don’t really know how to explain.  It touches on some philosophical issues which I like. So that’s fun. 

For today, since I didn’t have much to really do, I decided to finally pay of my library fine (that someone else accumulated), so I’m borrowing a banjo book/dvd and a Shins cd.  The banjo is fun, it takes some mental power to get into the right hand “rolls” but I should be rockin soon. 

Right now, I’m wishing for day 8,707 to come sooner.


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