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February 18, 2008 at 7:36 pm Leave a comment

Well, hi there.I’ve spent a lot of time in the past week or so, probably longer, contemplating a lot. Just deep thinking in general about what I am do to. Right now, I live at home with my parents and as each day goes by the urge to move grows stronger. The bigger urge is the feeling that now is the time to “start” my life, before I get stuck. Stuck in mediocrity, day to day lameness, not “following dreams while I’m young” kind of life. You know what I mean? I hate hearing relatively older people talk about how time flies and all of a sudden you have a kid and you’re life is over and how they wish they did this and that. I don’t want to be like that in 10 years.  The one roadblock is lack of funds, I just wanna get my money right. There aren’t many media jobs around here, but to get to where they are I need funds. It’s a vicious circle.
My options as I see right now:
  • give in to the man and get a 9-5 job. money good, life not fun.
  • continue to work as an intern for little to no money with prospects of bigger and better things. broke but doing what i like.
  • practice instruments, hitch to Tenn., join bluegrass band, live off tips.
  • never leave the house, master all video games
  • go big and peace out somewhere crazy

thats all I can think of for now…The scariest possiblity would be that I ponder too long about what I should do about my life until I find I havn’t done jack squat. What I need to do is figure out what I really want to do in the end, like help people, travel, be a big shot, little shot, etc..Whatever. I don’t really like to plan so far ahead, maybe I’m over analyzing things and everything will be alright. Usually when my mind veers toward these thoughts something comes out of nowhere to help me along the way.

still trying to figure outhow to display pictures properly on this deal.
so thats it for now.

❤ p.


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