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March 16, 2007 at 7:50 pm Leave a comment

There is something about a video camera that freaks people out. Since I’ve worked as a videographer at the school newspaper, this notion has caused me to ponder, why? I’ve never really seen a still photographer or a reporter garner the attention I get at various events. For some reason, once a person knows there is a video, they spaz out. In turn, I spaz out too, its not like I have an agenda of making people look bad, I work for a newspaper, my job is to document what is going on, video is a great tool cause it doesn’t lie. I recently covered an open forum where students had the opportunity to ask questions to a candidate for a diversity position on campus. He knew there was press in the room, and where I was from. Yet in the middle of the forum, he stopped in the middle of answering more than one question to focus on my presence, one time frankly telling me to turn the camera off. From my point of view, I was like, hey man, you’re here for the students, not me. I think by showing his discomfort with me and continually using me as a way to avoid the topic, he hurt his chances of winning over the students.
I don’t know just makes me nervous once I get put on the spot, being interrogated about what I’m doing, where I’m from and so on. I’m not all that comfortable with confrontations. I’m also not going to turn off my camera just cause. This is the news, it doesn’t just stop because you don’t like cameras.
Now that I’ve gotten all anxious about the situation thats all I can think about, and the things I should’ve said to this guy. It bugs the crap out of me when I have to deal with that kind of stuff. I just wish people didn’t spaz out when the video man is in the room.



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