New Year

January 25, 2007 at 5:43 pm Leave a comment

As some of you might know, last year I claimed 2006 as “the year of the vagina”. For those who were uninformed, I’ll explain. Now, I’m not the most suave guy around, I don’t put myself out there to meet the ladies, I let them come to me. So for ’06 I decided to make a change in mindset when it comes to this situation. After a month or so, I came to the realization that it wasn’t just about getting ladies, the year of the vagina began to evolve into something bigger. It was about being a more open person, taking more risks, and enjoying life more overall. The possibility of finding new ladies became more of an afterthought, an extra plus if it happened, gold star for me. This whole thing wasn’t limited to myself either, once I came to fully appreciate this new outlook on life I was more than happy to share the vision.

Well, after thinking about last year I had to sit and contemplate what I would deem 2007 to be the year of. In 06′, it was obvious that naming it the year of the vagina implanted the idea in the back of my head..if I’d remind myself every now and then of the task at hand and what it is about, I would be more aware and hold myself more responsible to live in that mindset. And looking back, I would say that it was accomplished. I had great times, met a lot of new friends, did new things and set my life on a few more promising paths.

So building on that frame of thought, it dawned on me what I would declare 2007. The Year of Enlightenment. Just to plant the seed that I need to take charge of my life, focus on positivity, learning everything I can, be healthy and maybe grow up here and there a little. The way I see it, the year of enlightenment encompasses everything the year of the vagina did, it just envelopes it, then in 2008, whatever that year will be called will build even more on what 06 and 07 have, you see ?
Up until now, I’d say things are going alright with the plan. I encourage those around me or those that read this to take full advantage of the enlightening nature of 2007. It feels good.

So thats that.

This last semester of school means even more for the new year more than ever, I have to take full advantage of hanging out with my great friends, living the college life, not paying a lot of bills and so on.

till next time. hearts.


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