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I have started my last semester as an undergrad at CMU. Feels weird. I was in my senior seminar class this morning thinking about my education, how I used to feel about school back in the day and how my feelings toward it has changed since. The professor was going on about how grad school might be the right choice for some people, or as he said, people that enjoy studying. So, I asked myself, “do I enjoy studying?”. I’ve come to think that I do, and thinking even further, I have for a long time. Despite my dislike of most of my academic career, mostly having to do with my teachers, waking up early and that sort of thing- I have found myself to search out things and interests outside of school and prove (mostly to myself) that I can sit down and excel at something. Since grade school I have been a pretty much mediocre student, but now I can look back and see that that was just because the subject matter was uninteresting.
So, maybe in a few years, after living in the real world for a while, I’ll find something that really peaks my interest that pushes me to want to pursue a masters degree. Right now, after being involved with the school newspaper a little bit, journalism is the one thing that has come close to becoming an option. More specifically, video and online aspects. I actually want to go to class, pay attention, read the text , etc.. Also, one offshoot that comes along with a new endeavor like this is meeting more great people and being able to be a part of something impactful, its a good feeling.

This semester shall be interesting though. I have two re-takes, which I feel very odd and horrible to be in. If only I took them more seriously the first time around. I look forward to creating my DVD portfolio, complete with a new personal website. Hopefully I can soak up a few last drops of crazy college fun.

Till next time.


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