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April 11, 2006 at 4:16 am 1 comment

Once I try to relax after one crazy weekend, another one absolutly kicks my ass even harder, leaving me zombie-like, hoping a multivitamin/drinking ensure will keep me going for a week of stressfull school.

This past weekend was quite amazing I’d have to say. Deirdre and I came down to Southfield on Friday, opted out of going to Canada with the crew to stay at home, knowing the next two nights were going to be filled with enough sleeplessness. Saturday we went in full force to the Blind Pig in A2 to see up and coming Tally Hall. It was ok, considering I’ve seen em a few times before I was a tad bored, but it was nice to have a few pints of Guinness and equally nice to see the opening band rock out a mandolin. After eating some crazy burritos we bounced to Ferndale to join a little house party. Upon entering, I was pleased to see Kara and Tommy O, and can’t forget Sara, as well as all her fun friends. The house was quite characteristic, I was loving it-especially the framed picture of the muppet “Grampa Floppy Hands”(?). So that was good times. Had to leave earlier then I wanted but I had to get to sleep for Deirdre’s bday suprise for me and the bros.

Said suprise ended up being the Pistons game vs. Pacers. I was quite suprised indeed, and very happy. Considering I’ve been recently lementing not going to a game this year, especially with playoffs coming up it seemed my chance was almost gone. Good ol’ Deege.
So then last night, I went to see Gogol Bordello, an awesome “gypsy punk” band. Ho-ly crap was it fun. After being all tired from friday and the game, I didn’t know if i could handle the extreme awesomeness that is Gogol. I dont think I can think of the words to describe the show, except I left the crowd drenched in mine and 100+ other people’s sweat, a smile on my face and tired arms from fist pumping. I suggest checking out their myspace or something.

Now I must end my procrastination and finish the night’s homework. Reading 3 books unrelated to school is cool though.


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stretched thin one year closer

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  • 1. sara b  |  April 17, 2006 at 5:01 am

    i’m glad you liked the house… the old house, however, had a shrine to New Kids on the Block, referred to as the “hangin’ tough corner.” But the muppet’s not bad either. The lawn gnomes, however, freak me out/remind me of the old Southfiled Library.


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